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Number One on Billboard

November 18, 1986 billboard number 1:

Amanda by Boston

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_rK1FyFtJ4

Hot song.............
I so totally just ruined my phone interview with Bank of America. Oh well. A more deserving person will get the job.

Just a lil' moan and groan

So my Spring semester of college has started and my little community college has turned its self into a four year school and I want to be happy about but they've decided that they don't want us technical program students. Why isn't our money good anymore?  Everyone that's been going there before they became a four year school has to go to Altamaha Tech starting Fall semester 09. I don't think that's fair on any of us. Why should we be kicked out because they wanted to become a four year school? The only upside to this semester is that my Psychology teacher is Hot. I don't care if he's 50 or not.

Also my cousin, who is preggers, has volunteered my services to help plan and provide the funds for her babyshower. WTF? I don't have any money.
I'm leaving for my family reunion later this morning and can't seem to find anyone to check on my puppy WE FOUND A SITTER YAY!!!!. She's so adorable. I don't understand why no one is willing to check in on her. Hopefully My cousin, who isn't going, will be able to watch her. If not, I don't know what we're going to do. Maybe try the next door neighbors. I hope it doesn't come to that.

I pray that no one kills each other on the cruise, I mean its not like they'll have anywhere to go if that did happen. Haha!

Fingers crossed
for a sitter for Lovely (my puppy) and that everyone gets along!

Praying for a safe journey to and from our destination. 


Sigh...another school year has started. Excuse me while I cry. I Don't wanna go! Is just me or did the summer go by realllllly fast?

Why did I register for an 8:00 class I must have been having one of my crazy moments.

I just spent 500 dollars on books. How is that possible? What is so important about these books that they cost soooo much?

I shouldn't whine because there are ppl out there that can't go to school or afford their books sooo I'll stop. 

We all know I'm lying. LOL!

So how was everyone's day? Hurricane Fay raining down on anyone else?

midnight whispers

Does anyone know what's going on with the Midnight Whispers website?



Okay, so I just got finished watching Doctor Who on BBC America the ep. was really good. It was the episode about the Weeping Angels. The angels killed you if you blinked or stopped looking at them. I will NEVER have any stone angels in my house or on my lawn or any stone gargoyles for that matter. This ep. has officially made certain of that. I'm officially scared and scarred for life.

Just Bitching

Can I just say that trying to find a new car is sooo frustrating. All the cars I happen to like are all stick shifts and I don't know how to drive stick shifts. Whoever came up with that needs to be shot (just joking...kinda). I was so close to getting the Honda Accord that I wanted. The car had everything on my checklist: the moon roof, navigational system, leather seats, tinted windows, and it was white. The only problem was IT WAS A STICK SHIFT!!!!!!!!! So upset!!!!! I feel like SCREAMING!!!! I know my dream car is out the somewhere.

Enough moaning and complaining time to watch America's Best Dance Crew. COME ON JABBAWOCKEEZ!!!!!!

First Ever Post

This is my first ever post YaY!!! What to say... what to say?  

You can read some of this in my profile I guess but I'm going to tell you anyway.  I'm 21 years old (how the years have flown) I'm currently attending the local community college (get me out of there). I orignally registered at Livejournal in order to read fiction but I think I'm going start making posts.  

I need to add a userpic but I can't decide what the picture should be.

Today was a LONG day! I'm super tired. I feel like my legs and arms are going to fall off. Have you ever felt like that? I need to catch up on my sleep.

Adois Amigos!!! (did I spell that right?)



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